Triple Trailer Tuesday

Today we overanalyze and under-inform on a trio of trailers for upcoming TV shows and movies.  What movies/shows are you looking forward to?  Feel free to leave a comment!

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Game of Thrones: Season 4 “Vengeance” (April 6th)

Winner of shitloads of Emmys, SAG Awards and BAFTAs, and even one Golden Globe, George R.R. Martin’s “Game of Thrones” leaps off the page and onto your TV screens (which is better because there’s far less reading) for the start of its 4th season, returning to HBO on Sunday, April 6th.  Featuring such talented cast members as Golden Globe Winner Peter Dinklage (Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, where I could assume he played a dwarf, but I’ll be the bigger man and assume he was the titular Prince), Lena Headey (the 301st Spartan from 300), Jack Gleeson (has everyone been in a damn Batman film?!) and Sean Bean’s severed head, presumably still on a pike somewhere.

Audiences haven’t been this hyped to watch a show full of British people obsessing over a chair since the Antiques Roadshow reached the height of its popularity.


Brick Mansions (April 25th) 

An Americanized version of the French action hit “District B13,” featuring lots of guns, explosions, car chases and even parkour.  This appears to be a dumb, but fun, stylized action flick that should entertain adolescent males from age 10 all the way up to adolescent males of age 110.  Expect the kind of stunts and fast paced action, mixed with colorful characters, that writer Luc Besson is well known for from his earlier works, such as the Takens, the Transporterses and the various TV and film incarnations of the La Femme Nikitas.

The Action/Thriller stars Paul Walker (most of the Fast and Furiouses), The Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA (The Man with the Iron Fists), Robert Maillet (best know as the WWE’s Kurrgan) and professional fun-runner David Belle (the actual inventor of parkour and star of the original French version of this film) and is the feature film debut of editor turned director Camille Delmarre.  

Walker seems in his element, shooting guns, driving fast cars and kicking ass as an undercover cop fighting against a city’s underworld, in what seems like it could be the first in a string of posthumous hits for the late actor whose charisma will only don our cinema screens for a few more brief months.  I suggest you take advantage of as many of those few remaining opportunities as possible.


Locke (April 25th)

Tom Hardy (from, you guessed it, another Batman movie) stars as a man on a phone call, driving his car on the wrong side of the road (or in a European country, I was never very good with subtext) in this taut thriller from Academy Award nominated writer/director Steven Knight (Dirty Pretty Things).

From the trailer, it appears that the entire movie will consist of Tom Hardy fielding life changing, emotional phone calls while driving home from work with a beard.  There is no indication that any of the action will take place outside the car, sort of like Joel Schumacher’s Phone Booth, but less stationary.  It’s as though the writer saw the 2010 thriller Buried and said, “hmm, what if Ryan Reynolds had been DRIVING the coffin the whole time?”  Rounding out the rest of the cast, whom I assume, based on the fact that no one else was visible in Tom Hardy’s car, are all either voices on the phone or stuffed into the trunk, are Ruth Wilson (Disney’s and Gore Verbinski’s Tonto, starring Johnny Depp and featuring The Lone Ranger), Andrew Scott (Moriarty from Sherlock, TV’s BEST version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective stories EVER!) and Olivia Colman (Hot Fuzz, Peep Show, That Mitchell and Webb Look).

The trailer looks great, the cast is solid, the writer has some major credentials…  I’d say, despite the obvious and embarrassing typo in the film’s title, Locke is definitely worth a look.


What new trailers have you seen lately?  Anything look good or is it all just the same old Hollywood bullshit?  Leave a note in the comments below…  Best answer wins a free, “yup, I guess that’s the best answer,” reply from me!


Must See Movie Monday

The Following May Contain Some Naughty Words: Reader Discretion Is Advised


The big release of the past weekend is MGM and Columbia Pictures’ “RoboCop” starring Joel Kinnaman (trying to fill Peter Weller’s big, metal shoes), Gary Oldman (Batman Begins), Michael Keaton (also Batman, but a different one) and, contrary to some reporter’s beliefs, Samuel L. Jackson, NOT Laurence Fishburne.  The PG-13 rated film, written by Joshua Zetumer and directed by Jose Padilha on a 100 million dollar budget, came in third this weekend with an estimated gross of 25.6 million dollars.

Now, I didn’t see it…  So…  Yeah…

All I can say is, they’d better give their one allotted “fuck” to Sam Jack.  It’d be a damn travesty if they wasted that opportunity.

Also opening this past weekend, “About Last Night” (#2 at the weekend box office) one of 1300 Kevin Hart films scheduled for release in 2014, “Endless Love” (#5) which is probably a remake of the 1981 film of the same name starring Brooke Shields, but if it is, no one seems to give a shit or be making any kind of big deal about it,  and “Winter’s Tale” (#7) which pits Colin Farrell against both Russell Crowe and a seemingly over complicated plot in a romantic period piece with accents o’plenty a flyin’.  All three films have one major thing in common; I didn’t see any of them either.  At this pace, this is going to be a very short and none too informative blog post…  Let’s see if we can turn things around!

In its second week, George Clooney’s “The Monuments Men” starring ER’s George Clooney, directed by George Clooney and written by George Clooney, with George Clooney serving as a producer, clocked in at #4 on the box office charts.  I’m glad to see that there’s some good news for Mr. Clooney for a change.  Maybe with success like this, someone else will actually want to work with him next time and he won’t have to do everything himself.  Keep your head up, Jorge, I’m rootin’ for ya!

For the second straight weekend, “The Lego Movie” topped the charts with an estimated 63.5 million dollars, giving the film a two week cumulative total of 143.8 million!  You can buy a fuck-ton of Legos with that kinda cash!  News of this film’s lucrative success brings to mind other such companies planning potential spin-offs…  Tinker Toys seem to be the clear front runner, if the writers can ever finish futzing around with the script.  Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks have expressed interest in a Lincoln Logs biopic, with Daniel Day-Lewis slated to reprise one of the titular roles and Tom Hanks rumored to be joining him as the other.  Lionsgate is also planning an ABC blocks feature to be a another vehicle for the pairing of Schwarzenegger and Stallone.  Little is known of the plot, but it is said that the role of the ABC blocks will be to let the audience know exactly what in the hell the actors are trying to say.  The producers are said to be courting Ozzy Osbourne and anyone Scottish for supporting roles.  Meanwhile, K’Nex can go fuck themselves.  I never liked those.


Only one film appears to be getting its DVD release on Tuesday, February 18th and that means lots of exposure for the indie drama “Afternoon Delight.”  The film, Rated R for Language, Strong Graphic Sexual Content and Some Drug Use, stars Juno Temple (not of Juno or Temple of Doom), Kathryn Hahn (Around the Bend… no joke here, that’s just a great movie), HIMYM’s Josh Radnor, Glee’s Jane Lynch and Jessica St. Clair who apparently grew up a few towns away from me in Westfield, NJ.  But I’m pretty sure it had your attention at Strong Graphic Sexual Content…  I’ve seen a lot of independent dramedies in my time (not this one, of course… fuck, I picked a bad week to start a film blog!) and I have to say that with this eclectic ensemble cast and Jill Soloway, a writer/director who penned several episodes of the critically acclaimed series “Six Feet Under” (Really?!  Something else I’ve never seen?!  Come on!), this seems like a surefire winner!  Just go watch it.  It sounds like it might be good.  That’s the best I can do.